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White card replacement

If a person loses his attained white card online or the card gets damaged or stolen, he has to apply for the replacement because the construction industry won’t allow his entrance on the site without a white card. There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled when applying for the replacement. Firstly, you [Continue]

Contrato deve incluir diversas informações Contrato deve incluir diversas informações. Conte com a ajuda de uma imobiliaria Limeira para confeccioná-lo Hoje em dia, infelizmente, a palavra empenhada não tem mais tanto valor como acontecia anteriormente. Devido a isso, se faz necessário a confecção de um contrato por meio de uma imobiliária a fim de evitar que nenhum dos envolvidos [Continue]

TC – Electromagnetic Conversion

The current transformers convert through the phenomenon of electromagnetic conversions, high currents, that circulate in their primary in small secondary currents, according to a transformation relation. The primary current measured by circulating in the primary windings creates an alternating magnetic flux which deflects the electromotive forces Ep and Es at the same time in the [Continue]